Application Security Testing Services

Black-box application security testing checks your software for exploitable vulnerabilities. Web application security services are in high demand as web technologies dominate the Internet. We apply application security best practices, manual pentesting techniques, and the best tools for web and mobile app penetration testing.

Application Security Consulting

To customers who are ready to use application security best practices in the software development lifecycle, we offer a variety of application security consulting services: application security assessments, application security architecture review, and integrating application security software into development processes.

Threat Modeling Services

Threat Modeling is asking yourself four questions: What do I do? What could go wrong? How can I fix that? And How can I check if that is enough? We call it an appsec Time Machine as it allows us to imagine future threats.

DevSecOps Consulting

At times in the software development lifecycle, speed is crucial. What if there are just a few minutes in the CI/CD pipeline to spend on application security? Try applying DevSecOps best practices and DevSecOps tools, such as static code analysis or dynamic application scanners. Leverage DevSecOps pipelines by integrating appsec into DevOps.

Security Code Review

Code security review reveals vulnerabilities that pen testers would miss without code analysis tools. White-box appsec testing allows us to leverage static code security tools. The manual evaluation of high-risk functionality adds more efficiency. Combining white-box and black-box application security testing techniques secures the highest quality.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Your web applications will be manually tested by our team for OWASP and business logic security flaws.

OWASP Compliant Pen Testing

We adhere to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standards to provide the optimal study into an organization’s web application security. Each domain within OWASP is critically analyzed for your applications and results are documented in actionable reports.

Manual Penetration Testing

Most organizations build their web applications taking advantage of the global community of developers. This also provides risks and possible oversight for your application. That is why we perform exhaustive manual tests utilizing the same tools and resources that a malicious hacker would use.

Find Critical Vulnerabilities

Database injection, authentication failure, data leaks, XML exposure to external entities, brute force, access controls, and security misconfiguration are few examples of test cases that we include in our approach. We also test for critical business logic security flaws in your web applications.

Unlimited Online Support

Technical Support is available to assist with our test results. We will work closely with your IT team and partners to ensure that security gaps are identified and provide advice to help you address them. Our SaaS portal facilitates the whole workflow in an easy to manage way and you remediate faster.

Internal Network Vulnerability Assessments

Internal network scanning and human-assisted testing capabilities that enable organizations to assess and manage their internal vulnerabilities for both cloud and hybrid networks. You can quickly identify vulnerabilities across servers, workstations, and other devices. Our reports immediately qualify for both your compliance and vendor assessment needs. Our experts ensure that the scans are augmented by manual testing techniques to ensure zero false positives.

External Network Vulnerability Assessments

An automated external security scanner that enables organizations to find their external network vulnerabilities. The platform examines network perimeters, identifies vulnerabilities, and suggests remediation techniques. You get automated alerts while remaining in total control. Our experts ensure that the scans are augmented by manual testing techniques to ensure zero false positives.

Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Your cloud penetration test service needs covered. Our experts can test your cloud security in AWS cloud, GCP cloud, and Azure cloud, cloud technology, cloud platforms, and cloud-hosted SaaS applications. Detect exploitable vulnerabilities with manual AWS penetration testing and other cloud platforms. you can order quarterly manual penetration tests or an on-demand manual penetration test if required. You get added value because we augment the manual tests with our AI powered monthly scans. You get email alerts whenever a new vulnerability is discovered.

PCI DSS security testing expertise

We provide end to end PCI DSS coverage for Security Testing. PCI DSS explicitly demands manual penetration testing to be part of your security governance. Our platform is backed by certified security researchers that are certified and qualified to perform PCI DSS Penetration Tests. We have partnered with Approved Scanning Vendors ASVs to integrate our solution with an ability to launch and control quarterly ASV scans for you. This ensures that you have one managed service covering both manual penetration testing and PCI ASV certified scans for you.

PCI Compliance Expertise

We give insights into PCI DSS requirements. This is why we can analyze your PCI requirements and advise you on what your compliance obligations are with respect to security testing.

Application And Network Coverage

Our expertise covers your whole IT landscape. Whether it’s your web application, mobile application, external network or internal network segmentation test, we test all of that. This ensures you have one vendor that meets all your security testing needs.

Third Party Penetration Testing

Your B2B partners will request you to choose an independent and trustworthy partner with a proven track record to certify your security posture. he objective of the vendor assessment is to conduct third party security testing to identify vulnerabilities and/or security gaps in all areas of organization. We’ll test mobile and web applications, APIs, external and internal networks, cloud environments, IoT, and more.

When you successfully complete the vendor assessment, you’ll receive a certificate of attestation and third-party security report to share with your partners and clients.

Manual Penetration Testing

Automated scanners are great for identifying vulnerabilities, but a vendor assessment depends on humans to replicate the attacker mindset when looking at your IT assets. Automated tools do produce quick results but are not exhaustive. A human tester executes manual test cases involving custom tools, scripts, exploits, etc. These efforts should result in the discovery of security gaps that would otherwise be missed. We make use of both automated and manual testing to ensure you get the best results and can remediate vulnerabilities and meet third party security requirements.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning For Third Party Security

Our web scanning targets and finds common vulnerabilities which affect web applications: SQL injection, XSS, OS Command Injection, Directory Traversal, and web server configuration issues – just to name a few. Our network security scanning capabilities include continuous network mapping and vulnerability discovery to discover any third party security risks that require remediation.

Social Engineering

Unlike out of the box mass phishing testing solutions, we deploys a custom approach to check your spear phishing exposure. People are your biggest defense. Security awareness training and testing is a “must have.” We have a unique approach that combines an open source threat intelligence initiative with a custom phishing exposure assessment. From a hacker’s perspective, our team drills down into darknet, hacker forums, and publicly available information sources to create a report that documents your exposure without actively launching an attack. You receive the OSINT report and this intelligence is used to craft a spear phishing campaign towards your employees which leads to another report with vital statistical analysis. Using the combination, you can train your employees and improve your cyber defense against emerging threats.

Experienced and certified team

Our manual penetration testing service gives you unlimited access to our world class team of security researchers. Our team is comprised of security professionals with decades of security experience and global certifications such as OSCP, CEH, CISSP, CISM, Azure Security, AWS Security and many more.